Things to Consider Before Selecting Material for The Rail Work

Rail Work
Rail Work

Railing has been part of many constructions for a long time. A rail work if done right and keeping in mind the overall feel and comfort of the house, it can transform your place from something mundane to modern. They also are used as best safety measures on your staircase, balcony or porch areas.  There are different kinds of railings available in the market such as steel balustrades, wooden railings, glass balustrades and aluminium railings. If you want to install a durable one, then you can choose the aluminium or steel balustrades. Else for a traditional look, you can install the wooden railings. Glass rail works are very stylish, and they are available as frameless balustrades. So, you can install them in your swimming pool area to decorate your outdoor premises.

Different type of rail work

Let’s have a look at different types of railings that you can consider for your rail work.  This will help you in choosing a design which goes well with your house and can also add to the overall look of the house.

  • Steel or Cast Iron Railing: They are sturdy and goes well with any décor be it modern or comfy. They are not recommended to be used in outdoor applications as the material can corrode and rust with time. They add a class to your décor and are durable as well.
  • Wood Railing: These have been around for a long time and it gives you a multitude of options in term of designs and the kind of wood as well. You can use them in balconies or indoor as well. They will add a graceful look to your traditional or contemporary designed house. They are inexpensive and natural in comparison to steel or aluminium ones. But you need to spend huge maintenance cost on these wooden rail works.
  • Glass Railing: Latest ones to enter the market are glass railings. They are preferred as they don’t obstruct the view from the balcony. Use tempered glass one for safety measures. They are an expensive affair but will add a modern and sleek touch to your house.
  • Aluminum Railing: They require the least maintenance and are strong enough to resist rust and corrosion as well. Thus, they are preferred choices for outdoor application and you can install them in your balconies or patio areas.
Rail Work
Rail Work

These are some options that you can look for when getting your rail work done. You can customize and mix and match according to your need and requirement.

Things to consider before getting Rail Work

There are various factors which will affect your choice of rail work. Before going for an option think:

  • Where are you going to put railings: If it is for a balcony or outdoor application then it is best to use aluminium ones as they are low on maintenance.
  • The exposure railing is going to face: If the place it is installed has high human traffic then you must choose the rail work which is sturdy and durable. In this case, you can install aluminium or stainless steel balustrades.
  • Maintenance: You need to maintain these rail works on a regular basis and you must choose the balustrades that need less maintenance cost. In this case, stainless steel and glass balustrades are the perfect options for you because they need the least maintenance cost.
  • Most importantly your budget: The deciding factor most of the times is the cost involved. If you are looking for a low budget, fewer maintenance options then aluminium is the choice for you.

If you are staying in an area where moisture or humidity is in the air most of the time, Steel or Cast Iron wouldn’t be a good choice.


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