9 Smart Tips to Save When Booking a Business Hotel


Your business trip can be more endured than enjoyed if don’t book a good hotel for your stay. Beirut is a place where there are so many business hotels, offering elite-class services. But, you don’t book them on time; you may end up with having no accommodation of your choice. That’s why, it’s important to book hotels in advance not just to find a good room, but also save huge on your booking.

Let’s go through this blog and learn some helpful tips to cut costs of booking a business hotel in Beirut.

Check-in near EOD

If you want to snag the latest upgrade, you should check in towards the day. Expert say that hotels have a better sense of occupancy by that point. They are more likely to offer upgrades that are still available for them.

Travel in Off Seasons

No doubt, you are traveling for business purposes. Still, try to manage your trip during offseason. During that season, hotels offer great deals. Reason being, business is often slow during the seasons and on weekends at hotels that cater to business travelers. It can lead to reducing the prices.

Look for a Corner Room

It’s not a joke. Try to find a corner room. Such room offers you more square footage for the same price. In case for upgrading to a corner room, you should be discreet and not ask at times when many several guests waiting to be assisted.

Hotel and Flight Booking

When you choose to book a flight and hotel together, it can sometimes let you save you. Doing this will allow you to save on both flights and hotels.

Book Hotels within Cancellation Period

You should know waiting until last minute can let you grab some better deals. Honestly speaking, the cancellation of a hotel falls anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours in advance. During this time, rooms are available at lower rates.

Hotel’s Loyalty Program

Among other ways to find a best hotel deal is to sign up for a loyalty program and stick to it. Such programs may include several facilities such as free Wi-Fi, best-rates on each trip and access to exclusive events and experiences. You can also find some other offers like free nights or free items with bookings.

Consider Apartments

Some of the best hotels in Beirut offer business apartments with all amenities. Choose one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, depending on your requirements. You can choose from a range apartment and room types such as deluxe room, junior suite, etc. You will get all facilities you require on your business trip.

Focus Your Needs

Figure out what you want at hotels. Avoid paying for a swish reception. Don’t go for a room service if you just want a room. Also, stopover 4-star if 2-star hotel is ideal to meet your needs.

Check Prices Online

In this online world, going through traditional way to find the best business hotel in Beirut seems strange. It’s good to search your hotels online. Many hotels launch deals and offers from time to time. Be active on the internet. Make a list of all popular hotels, compare their prices and choose one that prides the best deals.

Thus, if you are planning a business trip, don’t miss the above points when booking your hotel.


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