Tips for Moving and Shipping your Belongings Overseas


When you are relocating to another country, it can be overwhelming to move your personal belongings and household goods. It is worth noting that moving your personal effects can be more expensive than replacing them. So, you should consider downsizing before you start packing. You should also think about hiring professional packers, especially when you’re going to need shipping crates. They will be able to efficiently fill the extra spaces and ensure that you comply with international shipping regulations.

Whether you’re going to do all the packing on your own or you’re going to hire a professional, you would need some techniques that will help you make the process seamless and successful. Here are some tips i packing your belongings for international shipment.

Where to Begin

You must know that it can take several weeks before our belongings reach its final destination. So, you have to consider an appropriate time buffer. You also have to think about the items you would need within the first few days after your arrival. These are the belongings you would have to transport personally.

You should also be prepared for delays. After all, there are some unwelcome surprises when you are moving overseas. Try to de-clutter as much as you can before you get ready to pack. This would help make the process a bit easier. Moreover, you would be able to pay less for storage and shipping.

What you Should Take Overseas

After condensing your belongings, you have to think which of the items you can actually take with you. Are you going to pack for a short-term or long-term move? You have to assess whether you’re really going to need the item in your life. Moreover, you have to compare the costs of storing your belongings versus shipping them. You should also consider the benefits of selling these items versus replacing them.

How to Pack Glassware and Crockery

  1. Since you’re going to pack fragile items, you have to select a strong and appropriately sized box.
  2. Generously layer and protect the bottom and edges of the box with crumpled paper. You should also place crumpled paper inside every item.
  3. Make sure you wrap the items separately in bubble wrap. Pack them vertically, placing heavier items at the bottom.
  4. Securely double-seal the boxes and clearly label them as ‘fragile’.

We recommend packing up the kitchen last but unpack it first when you arrive at your new home overseas.

How to Pack Mirrors

  1. Mirrors are also fragile. So, make sure you choose an appropriately sized flat box.
  2. Completely wrap the mirror in bubble wrap, ensuring that it is securely taped.
  3. Use crushed or padded paper to fill any gaps inside the box around the mirror.

Appliances and Electronics

If you are planning to ship electronic items overseas, you have to check whether they are compatible with the voltage output in your new home. It is pointless to ship a huge flat-screen TV across the world, only to discover that it does not work when it gets to its destination.

Of course, you can use transformers and plug adaptors. However, they can be expensive and even unavailable in some areas. So, it is best to check ahead of time and only bring what you need. If you’re going to transport your computer, you should also back up your files. This ensures that you still have them intact in case your device gets damaged en-route.

How to Effectively Pack TVs and Computers

  1. If possible, use the original packaging. Otherwise, you should acquire a strong-sided, close-fitting box.
  2. Pack the flat screens in standing position.
  3. Make sure you cover the screen with a cloth to avoid getting it scratched.
  4. Use heavy-duty bubble wrap and secure the moving pads with tape.
  5. Use clothing or linen to stuff the empty spaces.

Your Clothing

You should also consider the differences between the seasons and climate. Do you think you’d need your collection of flip-flops or your fleece-lined parka in your new home? You should also consider the activities you’re going to engage in. If it is difficult to find clothing your size in your new location, then you must bring more of your clothing items.

Moving overseas can be stressful and complicated. However, when you prepare appropriately and adopt a systematic approach to packing, the proves will be a little bit easier.


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