tips for wire brushed wood floors

Since the time brushed wood floors have been introduced, they’ve become one of the hottest selling hardwood flooring materials. Brushed floor look has become so popular that constructers have started applying it in various different styles. These brushed floors are now available in solid hardwood, engineered wood, European planks, and long strip.

Brushed wood is attractive due to obvious reasons. The process involves brushing the surface of hardwood lightly with a wire brush. By doing so, the softer fibers in wood are removed and the remaining hard fibers are more sharply defined. This gives the wood surface more textured, contoured, and natural-looking appearance.

Many vinyl and laminate wood-look floors are also being brushed to improve their aesthetics. However, with all these advantages, brushed floors also require extra care and maintenance. The finely brushed surface also makes these Calgary floors susceptible to soiling, and are thus a bit difficult to clean. So, to save your brushed wooden floor from any major damage, it is important to take adequate care of it.

Below are listed some of the tips that you can follow to take care of your brushed wooden floors:

1. Saving it from Humidity

In summers, humidity level is high so it can cause your brushed floors to gain moisture and develop a cup. To avoid this, you can run a dehumidifier in your basement during hot season. This will reduce the humidity level of your home.

In winters, humidity level is low. This low humidity level can cause the brushed hardwood floors to shrink and engineered floors to fracture. To avoid this, you can run a humidifier to increase humidity levels in winter. The best option you have in this case is whole house steam humidifier. These humidifiers monitor moisture levels and add humidity to air when needed. The other traditional humidifiers only add moisture when heat level is low, they usually don’t add enough humidity that can protect your floor against damage.

2. Furniture

The furniture you place on your brushed wooden floor should have a protection that separates the furniture from flooring. This will save your floor from any damage that is caused due to movement of chairs and tables in the room. The best option in this case is tap-in-felt pads for chairs. They help you easily move your furniture around and will stay in place for a long periods of time.

3. Pets

People who have pets in their home know that they usually scratch wooden floors. The best way to protect your brushed wood floors against scratches is to trim your pet’s nails on regular basis. Also, there is a wide variety of products out there in the market that will conceal pet damage from your floor.

4. Avoid Wet-mopping

Do not wet-mop your brushed wooden floor as it can dull its finish. Standing water damages wooden floors and leaves a discoloring residue. Also, avoid over-waxing your wooden floor to restore its luster as it may lead to similar damages. If you floor has become dull, it is better to go for buffing than over-waxing it.

5. Regular Cleaning

Lastly, it is very important to regularly clean your brushed wood floor to maintain it and save it from damages. Regular cleaning involves vacuuming, mopping, or sweeping the floor surface.

    • Vacuuming

Vacuum your brushed wood floor daily or at least twice a week. It helps removes dirt particles and dust that play a primary role in dulling and scratching the floor surface.

    • Sweeping

Sweeping regularly keeps your floor clean from dirt and dust. For brushed wooden floors, it is recommended to go for a broom with synthetic fiber ends as it cleans the floor better and doesn’t add scratches to it.

    • Mopping

As Mentioned before, excessive damp mopping can dull your brushed floor and damage its finish. However, you may still need to wet-mop your floor once in a while. In such a case, it is recommended to use a simple solution like a dishwashing soap (pH-neutral) with water. You can also get a solution specially formulated for wooden floors. After your floor has been vacuumed or swept, mist the floor with the cleaning solution and then dry it using a dry cloth or microfiber mop.


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