Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Reclaimed Timber For Your Furniture

reclaimed timber
Reclaimed Timber

When it comes down to reclaimed timber, the only thing you got to know is that its wood from almost any sources except a newly felled tree. Usually, reclaimed wood is both upcycled and recycled, so you’re going to have to deal with what you want before you buy it. Imagine yourself ripping up floorboards and using them to build stools, cupboards, tables or something similar. Some people choose to use reclaimed wood that’s rich in history and character adds a certain beauty, charm and to its surroundings. For others, it’s mostly the conservation element that turns reclaimed wood their number one choice.

Some reasons for using reclaimed timber for your furniture are:

  • Eco-friendly: – The first and foremost benefit of buying furniture made out of reclaimed timber is that it is eco-friendly. You can save upcoming felling trees by reusing wood in various ways. By using reclaimed timber every time in a project, you can reduce its impact on the environment. This is all the more a more friendly choice for many because your saving on many things starting from scratch with new limber.
  • Preserving history: – When you use furniture out of reclaimed timber, you’re supporting the history of your nation or family depending on the source of the reclaimed wood. Perhaps you have a door which to up at your old place and you feel as if it brings a certain elegance to your new place. By using reclaimed timber, you can establish a link with the past and also look towards the future.  This will ultimately help you to preserve history.
  • No added finishes: – The Reclaimed timer is unique because of its ageless distinction and beauty which has also gone through rigorous weathering and drying. Finishing is practically added to every piece of furniture to refine or protect a wooden surface, especially wherein the surfaces of this wood furniture are used on a daily basis. Since reclaimed wood is already aged, there’s no need for finishing. It already has a unique look which will transform its surroundings. Certainly, this kind of appeal and interest can never be found in modern wood.
  • Revealing the true gem: – Furniture made of reclaimed timber are less prone to deterioration and damages than those made of other materials.  However, they are put through finishing such as thicknesses, removing the out layer of rough and discolored wood. So basically, life is being breathed in old weathered word to expose the true gem lying within.
  • A cheaper alternative to fill your antics itch: – Similarly, when you come across reclaimed wood projects whether it’s real life or just on television, it helps in building up that itch because every once a while, when you stumble upon something new, you have a new craving.. Opting for furniture made of reclaimed timber is certainly cheaper than trying to look for antiques that match your particular taste. If you plan on making custom furniture from reclaimed wood, that too will be cheaper than when it comes to commissioning new pieces.
  • Access to Old-Growth wood: – The term “old-growth” when put in reference with trees, it refers to those trees that have reached their maturity naturally, instead of being forced to meet the demand of products. By choosing reclaimed timber, you can enhance your old-growth wood to get a new life by using it in your aesthetic designs and structural buildings. So not only will Old-Growth change the surrounding beauty but will also be stronger and have longer durability.

Reclaimed Timber sydney

When you’re down to shopping for furniture out of reclaimed timber, and find yourself with conflicting decisions, these above reasons will help you change your decision.


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