Top Five Popular College Fraternity Movies of All Times


Fraternities are a mainstay in many colleges. These are college organizations that are founded based on brotherhood. Basically, fraternities help support their members in dealing with many college life issues and even life after college.

Temporarily Forget About Writing Papers And Relax

The students have a lot of problems – lack of time, constant written tasks like writing a synthesis paper, essays etc., not saying that the student is a half-starved being and not sleeping. And if the student is also a visitor, I’d better not write so as not to get upset.

But in all you need to look for the pros, and even from school you need to rest. Why not relax watching interesting movies?

If you want to know more about college fraternities, Hollywood college frat movies may offer a more personal perspective as to what a fraternity really is. While some movies may discuss serious college life issues, others show the more hilarious side of being in college.

College Fraternity Movies List

Here are the top five college frat movie picks:

* Fraternity Row – This is another 70’s movie that shows how fraternity initiation rites can lead to death. This is one of the the more serious frat movies that’s set in the 50’s. The story centers on upper class college students who have to deal with family pressure and fraternity issues.

*Animal House – This 1978 movie is dubbed as “The Godfather” version of college movies. It is one of the oldest college frat movies that features Tim Matheson, John Belushi, and John Vernon as the film’s lead characters. Animal House is about three Delta House fraternity members who did their best to stop the college dean and another fraternity from kicking the members of the fraternity out of school.

* Revenge of the Nerds – This movie dates back to the mid-80’s. It is a chart-topping Hollywood college frat movie that made history on its own. This is basically about a group of nerds in college that finally won over the college frat boys by learning how to defend themselves.

*Going Greek – This 2001 movie stars Laura Harris, Simon Rex, and Dylan Bruno. This is about how joining a fraternity can actually affect personal relationships.

* Old School – This 2003 comedy flick is about 30-year old men who rekindled the fraternity fever by forming their own. With Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn as among the lead characters, the movie also features the sometimes crazy frat life.


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