Understanding Home Security: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Going on Vacation


Everyone needs to leave the home and go on vacation at some point. It’s a necessary decision to keep you sane at work and at home. However, many leave home and then return to find that their home has been broken into while they were away. To keep your home and assets safe, watch out for these four common mistakes that vacationers make.

Forgetting to Enable Third-Party Surveillance

Many home security systems now have an ability for a third-party to surveil the home while it’s empty. They can keep a close eye on things while you’re gone. Some even offer apps for your phone, so you can watch through the security feeds on the cameras that you have installed. However, these won’t help you if you don’t enable them. Make sure you take the time to turn those settings on, so you or a company can watch over your home.

Posting on Social Media About Your Vacation

Another big mistake that people often make is to inform everyone that they’re going on vacation by posting it all over social media. This can tell criminals that no one is at your home and they can break in with relative ease. It’s better to wait to post those pictures until after you return home from the vacation.

Leaving Locks Broken

In the rush to go on vacation, more of your attention is likely focused on preparing for that vacation. Small tasks like making sure the back shed’s lock is fixed is something that you probably leave to worry about for when you get back home. However, this is unwise. Without anyone home, that shed becomes a possible place of treasure for criminals. Instead, look for residential lock repair services that can quickly fix up the locks for you, so you can go on your vacation worry-free.

Turning Off Outdoor Lights

While you’re away on vacation, you may feel a desire to turn off the lights on the outside of your home since no one is there. Your thinking is that it probably saves some money on your energy bill. However, criminals are more unlikely to burglarize a home if there are lights on. They prefer darker homes where they cannot be seen. Instead, keep those lights on the same as you would if you were actually at home. It can be a good deterrent.

When you’re on vacation, one of the last things you want to worry about is whether your home is going to get broken into. To give yourself peace of mind and the chance to actually enjoy your vacation, avoid these four mistakes.


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