Various Causes and Techniques for Pot Hole Repair


Potholes at times become the cause of concern for commercial and residential property owners alike. The development of potholes on the pavement jeopardizes its performance, the safety of the pavement and also reduces the overall property value of the specific pavement. This is why, it is necessary to take pot hole repairs seriously. There are various reasons why pot hole repairs are necessary. During the winters, the rate of its formation increases drastically. When the snow appears due to the freezing temperature, potholes also appear. It is all due to the seasonal freeze and thaw cycle that such potholes appear. This makes the pavement to expand and contract quite naturally. A sudden change in the climatic condition causes the potholes to form on the surface. If you notice potholes or pavement depression, you must immediately hire a contractor to repair the pothole.

People on a daily basis have to face the hassles created by the potholes. In fact it is the leading driving hazard currently in cold countries. If nothing is done to repair the pothole, there may be damages caused to the vehicle. You must take necessary steps to avoid pothole formation altogether. Your automobile collision insurance might cover the charges for pot hole repairs as it has an impact on the vehicles running over it.

How to Avoid Potholes efficiently?

Prevention is always a better choice than cure and you may do certain things to avoid the pothole. The following are the steps to avoid potholes:

  • The tire pressure should be maintained at an ideal level as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure the tires are inflated properly to buffer between the car and the potholes.
  • Avoid under-inflation or over-inflation of the tires for they may cause pothole formation
  • When the weather is bad, you should drive slowly to prevent dashing against the potholes.

If by chance you hit the pothole, immediately examine your vehicle to notice the defect. Check the rims and tires to see the damage, if any. Check the tire pressure and the vehicle handle. Ask a qualified Pot Hole Repair mechanic to inspect your car properly. The extent of damage due to pothole is dependent on the size of the pothole you hit

The Reason Behind Pothole Formation:

When excessive moisture accumulates on the materials like concrete or asphalt, pothole formation takes place. This accumulation of excessive moisture can also result from ice, snow or heavy downpour. Concrete pavement is quite porous and can lose its protective coating due to natural wear and tear. This may even happen to your asphalt pavement as well. Although durable, long years of use can even make the asphalt pavement vulnerable to moisture damage. Water getting accumulated in the pores can freeze and thaw continuously to cause crack formation all through. This is the chief reason for pavement crack, fissure and fracture. Due to this, there can be a stability issue with the pavement crumbling slowly and gradually. Immediate pot hole repair is required as soon as they occur.

The Various Techniques of Pothole Repair 

  • Throw and Roll Repair Method: There are both temporary and permanent versions of pothole repair available in the pavement construction industry. Among all the methods, the throw and roll repair method is the most popular. This is the kind of temporary repair whereby the hole is patched or covered with the help of the right material. After the job is completed, the vehicles are allowed to pass through. If you want pot hole repairs on a short term basis, then choose throw and roll repair method.  But, this is not a permanent solution for very soon you will notice water accumulating inside the hole.
  • Infrared Heat Technology: The best technique of pothole repair is infrared heat technology. This is one such technology which repairs the pothole on a permanent basis.

No matter what technique you use for pot hole repairs, make sure it is cost effective and eco-friendly. It is better to repair surface blemishes on the surface as soon as they occur. This can help to avoid a lot of hassle.


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