What Are The Different Roof Height Safety Measures?


Safety at height is the most important aspect to keep in mind. Without safety measures, no one should take the risk to work at heights especially when it is a rooftop. Roof height safety measures solve this problem very easily.

There are many ways to work on the roof safely and the ways are as follows:

  • Roof access ladders
  • Roof access stairs
  • Roof access hatch
  • Roof anchor points
  • Roof guard rail
  • Roof walkways

Roof Access Ladders

There are many types of ladders which help to access the rooftops like step type ladder, angled rung ladder, vertical ladder, caged ladders, etc. This method is cost effective and does not occupy much space. Ladders are portable and help in roof access or rescue missions etc. Ladders act as one of the best roof height safety measures.

Roof Access Stairs

The system of the stair is proved as the safest way to reach the rooftops. Any sort of repair or maintenance is easy to do with the help of stairs. The length of the stairs varies according to places. For instance, residential buildings have short length stairs whereas the commercial or non-residential buildings have longer stairs as the heights of the buildings are more.

Roof Access Hatch

When it comes to the roof height safety then roof hatch is one of the most popular and secure means to access the roof. The ladders are mainly used to reach the roof through the external way.  In the same way, the hatches are used to reach the roof through the internal way.  Between both of these methods, people choose the second one in most of the times.

Roof Anchor Points

Whenever people work at the rooftops, one thing that they must keep themselves safe from falling from such height. To remove this tension and worry, people are harnessed properly with a proper anchor point. There are many points like the surface mounted anchor, purling mounted anchor, concrete mounted, etc. available in these modern days. One should keep in mind he is attached to which system.

Roof Guard Rail

These guard rails are basically made of aluminum and fixed either on a metal surface or concrete wall. These rails act as barriers and prevent fall from the rooftops. These rails are constructed at the edge of the roofs.

Roof Walkways

These walkways are made of grated aluminum mesh or fiber. Basically, it is designed to protect the roof from any sort of wear and tear or damage. Keeping roof height safety in mind, roof walkways are made by the experts. This also helps in giving direction to move safely on the roof.

These methods are designed in such a way that the risk of falling from the roof becomes minimized. These methods ensure that the workers complete their works at the roof with full safety. All equipment are tested before they are used to avoid negligence while ensuring safety. The workers working at a certain height ensure the followings:

  • All the works done at heights should be well planned and completed in an organized way.
  • Before any work is conducted, an assessment of risk should be approved
  • Necessary equipment should be provided and used by the trained ones.
  • The workers working at the roofs are quite specialized and skillful with their work
  • The equipment should be properly maintained and inspected before giving
  • The risk involved while handling delicate and fragile surfaces. So, workers should be alert.

Roof height safety is not just important but essential part of work and business. Without safety standards, no one would wish to work and put one’s life in danger. It is the duty and right of every worker to ask for safety measures before starting any work.


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