What Are The Different Types of Tyres That You Should Know About


How many types of tyres are there? Well, it might sound like a silly question as all Tyres Hucknall look alike for people who are not aware of their vehicle. We use cars every day but seldom do we look out for it or try to maintain it year-round. Maybe only when we got a flat tyre or a sudden blow-out, we go to our nearby mechanic to get it treated, we get to know some technical words. But still, we don’t know a lot about our tyres.

We should at least have the necessary information about our vehicle. This information will eventually help us in choosing the right tyres for our vehicle, and accordingly, there will be less chance of spending more on the repairs.

Importance of Choosing the right tyre

Well, how much do you think about choosing the life partner in your life, a lot? You don’t just go out on the street and marry any person who looks great. You have your own checklist and find out with patience, taking your time if the person will be perfect for you or not.

It will be bizarre to know that you also have to put in that much amount of consideration when buying a new set of Tyres Eastwood for your car. To choose, you should first have the knowledge of how many types of tyres are there? What are their features, functions, and the brand which will best suit you?

One wrong choice will make you spend a lot as it might end up in tyre failure, and it will also affect other parts of the vehicle. It will lead to the deterioration of your vehicle functioning and efficiency.

Various Types of Tyres

The tyres are generally differentiated into the following category:

Summer Tyres

The rubber material of summer tyres is very rigid. Tread are such that it displaces water and provides space for expansion.

Winter Tyres

The rubber material is soft of winter tyres. Tread consists of a large number of grooves and sipes.

All-season Tyres

They can be used all-year-round, where the temperature is not very extreme. Their material is neither very rigid nor very soft; something in between. They have, both, summer and winter tyre treads.

Budget Tyre

There are tyre brands you have heard about, and then there are budget tyres. You can buy a budget tyre if you know what all the features you need in your tyre and they are of good quality.

Run Flat Tyre

As the name suggests, this tyre is useful if you have a flat or a punctured tyre. They have the extra thickness in the sidewall, which let you drive to the nearest garage.

Energy Saving Tyres

Only most major tyre manufacturers create these tyres which have been designed for lower fuel consumption.

High-Performance Tyres

These are optimised to provide quick response, enhanced grip, and the ability to cope with high speed. Perfect match for your sports car.

These are a few types; there are many more with specific features if you lookout for the perfect tyre which suits your need. If you have a further query or want to buy a new set of tyres just contact Farnsfield Auto Centre. We let you decide which tyre will be best for your car. We also deliver all types of car related services and branded tyres.


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