What Are the Major Types of Hot Water Systems Widely Used Nowadays

Hot Water System

Even though targeted as one of the unnoticed systems of modern life, the hot water system has gained pretty popularity among masses nowadays. These systems come handy, especially during winter seasons, when you need hot water to take a shower or washing your clothes. The hot water systems have become an integral part of your daily lives as these systems will help you get hot water instantly, whenever you want, with just a click of a button.

If you already have one such system at home and planning to replace it with a new one, you must know about the different options available in the market first. The primary ones are mentioned below, for your reference.

Different Types of Hot Water Systems:

The Electric Hot Water System:

The most essential and typical example of hot water systems has to be the electric one. These systems will use a heating element, located within the tank for heating water. The working mechanism is more or less similar to that of an electric kettle. Once the water gets heated, it is then stored inside the tank. You can get various sizes of containers, where the water is kept hot and always ready to be used.

  • The main reason behind this machine’s growing importance is its lower upfront cost. The system is rather convenient to use, and anyone can work with its functionality thoroughly.
  • You get the opportunity to produce hot water with such hot water systems right on demand. And the best part is you can place this electric heater without worrying about taking up much space.
  • This water system is likely to be a fantastic choice for the entire family, which will use a moderate amount of hot water at any time of the day.
  • However, for the long run, this electric one can be a bit expensive to work with longer recovery time. And by chance, you suffer from a power outage; this system can’t produce hot water then.

The Solar Heater:

Right now, there is a massive craze among buyers to purchase solar hot water systems and for good reasons. It happens to be a significant green option in this current market field. New homes these days are using free energy from the sun. That’s why solar hot water can be easily installed over such areas. The rays from sun heat up the water, and you can use at your disposal and that too without splurging on the electricity bill. The systems in here involve wide ranges of solar panels, which are proficiently placed on top of the roof. However, if it isn’t quite sunny outside, this solar heater won’t be of any help then.

Going For the Heat Pumps:

Even though heat pumps fall within the electric hot water systems, but it is known to be more energy efficient than the previous options. But, installing such systems will cost you a lot, and the machine is pretty loud while running. The technology used in the heat pump is like the one used in the fridge but reverse. The primary goal of a heat pump is to extract heat from the air and then transfer it right into its water form. That can quickly lower your hot water bill by a great extent.

Storage Hot Water System – The Final Choice:

This method of storing heated water can be seen in both gas and electric hot water systems. Here, the energy gets converted to heat and helps in heating water by any element. The convection movement of such heated water will move to even stir water, right inside the tank.

These were some of the common types of hot water systems available in the market, and if you plan to use them, then you must check your requirements and features of the hot water system before making the final choice.


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