What Is Custom Plastic Fabrication?


Fabrication is the process that involves cutting, shaping and formation of materials into a product.  The fabrication methods depend on a wide range of factors in order to produce a particular kind of item.  These factors may include the purpose of the product, appearance, budget and much more.  Fabrication can involve the use of plastic or metal, and the manufacturer has to determine which material is more appropriate for a particular job. Generally you find high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene as plastics that are customized. HDPE is the most commonly used plastic for everyday use.

Here Are Some Points Suggested You For Custom Plastic Fabrication.

What is plastic fabrication?

Plastic fabrication is the process of designing, manufacturing or assembling the plastic products through the fabrication methods.  Many manufacturers prefer custom plastic fabrication over other methods such as metal or glass fabrication because of the advantages of plastic fabrication.

The custom plastic fabrication method is a very technical method. It seems very simple, though it is very complicated and complex.  This method is used for the designing and manufacture of soda bottles, truck bed liners, lawn chairs and much more.  The plastic is converted into a molten form and into the final product, it is then conducted.

Design custom plastic fabrication

The first step for any manufacturer is to know what has to be fabricated.  The design professionals first take the blueprints and design a virtual 3D prototype model.  This model is designed to identify the potential problems that could occur in the process of fabrication. After the professionals have finalized the design, a separate prototype is created for the client to estimate the design and whether the production process can be continued.

Molding and casting

The plastic casting process is used to manufacture the larger volumes with extremely specific quality and strength standards. The plastic is melted and the injector mixes raw plastic materials and is melted into a uniform liquid. The temperature and pressure are controlled manually. The product is then allowed to cool down before it is drawn out of the mold.  Custom molding is best suited for creating a variety of products of different shapes and sizes. There are varieties of thermoplastic polymer that is used for large-scale activities. High stiffness and low friction varieties are the best features of thermoplastics which makes it easier for people to go for custom plastic fabrication.

Product finishing

The manufactures offer finishing services for the clients who want their products to radiate a certain kind of look.  Polishing gives an exceptional finish. It adds luster, a glass-like sheen, and texture to the surface of the final product.

What are the advantages of plastic fabrication?

The outcomes of custom plastic fabrication depend on the characteristics of the kind of plastic is used.  One must think about the use of plastics in the product designs due to the many benefits offered by the material. One can even replace certain materials with plastic and drop no formation reliability.  The process of custom plastic fabrication has a lot of advantages.  Some of them are as follows-

Easy formation

Plastic can be melted at a low point and has high malleability compared to other materials, it can be formed into basic and complex shapes with much ease.

Reduced finishing

The custom plastic fabrications save the effort and time invested in finishing.  Plastic can be colored before the fabrication process; therefore, it reduces the need for post-finishing detailing such as painting.

Fast production

The custom plastic fabrication is a quick and efficient method of production.  It involves quick cycle times and faster turnover rates. Since plastic is lightweight, it becomes easy to manufacture plastic as part of large-scale production. Molding and cooling are the two processes through which plastic is given a definite shape.


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