When to repair or replace a tyre?


Strong and durable tyres come with a price tag. You spend a good amount of money buying a new pair of tyres. It leaves you heartbroken when the tyres do not provide value for that money and get punctured or damaged too soon.

Sometimes you can repair them even after a puncture, but it all depends on the extent to which your tyre has been affected. In this blog, we will discuss various situations where you can repair tyres Burnley, even when they become irreparable.

When can a puncture be repaired?

There are various instances when you can fix the puncture and use your tyre like normal days. But certain damages can not be repaired, and it can be risky to repair and use the tyres. You can repair a tyre when the puncture occurs at a place where no prior puncture has occurred.

If the damage occurs at a spot near to other punctures, then you will have to quit on the tyre and buy a new one.

Can you drive on a punctured tyre?

The next question is whether you can drive on a punctured tyre. A puncture that does not lead to a complete loss of air can be repaired and you can drive to reach a safer place. The problem arises when the puncture leads to a flat tyre. If you drive with a flat tyre then it gets difficult to repair it. In cases where you are stranded on a lonely road and reaching a safer place becomes necessary, you have to drive with a flat tyre, because that is the only option left in such a scenario.

Can you drive with a nail in a tyre?

When a nail damages your tyre, the safest option is to get them repaired or replaced. Pointed objects such as nails can cause huge damage to the tyre. But first, you need to make sure that the nail has not pierced the tyre. If not, then consider yourself lucky as it would need to be fixed and you can use the tyre as usual.

However, if the nail causes severe damages then its best to replace the tyre to ensure your safety.

Run-flat tyres and how far can you drive with them?

Run-flat tyres are special tyres as they let you continue your journey even after a tyre puncture. They have a strong supporting frame that ensures that the air does not leave the tyre immediately. These Buy Tyres let you reach a safer place.

However, there is a limit to the distance you can cover with a damaged run-flat tyre. You can drive up to 50 miles with a speed of 50 mph. This is because the heat and friction produced during at a high speed can further damage the tyre and increase the risk of a tyre burst.


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