Why is Warehouse Racking Inspection Important?

Warehouse Racking Inspection
Warehouse Racking Inspection

A warehouse is a space that offers a storage area for different goods. Pallet or racking ensures organized storage in the warehouse, and its regular inspection provides safety for those working there. Undoubtedly, an ill-maintained warehouse pallet can be hazardous, not only for the materials it stores but also for the workers there. So, if you own a warehouse, ask yourself, if the warehouse rack system meets current safety standards? Are you ignoring the minor damages and cracks that are appearing on it? Has the maintenance crew done the due diligence? The answer to all these questions lies in the regular warehouse racking inspection. Let’s know more.

Why Inspection is so Important?

The warehouses are susceptible to unpredictable conditions that can lead to damage to the racking system. Here, professional warehouse racking inspection comes into the picture. These companies or service providers have an eye for detail. Thus, even the minutest of damage doesn’t escape their eyes. Hiring a professional company ensures that the warehouse racking system is up to the code and is as per the safety parameters set by the state.

Not only it ensures that the racking system is fully functional and safe, but at the same time, regular check also prevents the owner from legal risk. It won’t be wrong to say that a stitch in time saves nine. Regular inspection of the warehouse makes sure that you catch the problem before they escalate to a new level.

What does Warehouse Racking Inspection include?

A professional racking inspection company will arrive at your warehouse and carry out a detailed study of your racking system. All the checks are performed as per the required safety standards. Regular inspection leaves you with peace of mind that the pallet system is safe. The routine inspection includes the following:

  • Visual check for signs of damage or danger
  • Inspection for low column damage like busted anchors, pushing, bends, etc. Fork truck impact usually damages within 24 inches from the ground.
  • Checking the missing or protruding bolts or deflecting beams.
  • Horizontal and diagonal frame analysis.
  • Checking the crossbars so that they are evenly placed under the pallet load.
  • Inspecting the capacity issue so that frames and beams are as per industry standards.

Types of Warehouse Inspection

It is good to hire professional help, but, being cautious and careful will help you prevent any damage. You can inspect at your end, train your employees on safety instructions, and if necessary, get professional help.

There are three types of warehouse racking inspection:

  • Immediate Reporting- If your employee reports a problem or damage, then you must take immediate action. Having a system in place that can check the damage and defects ensures the safety of your employees. Instructing employees on safe racking system operation provides that they can handle problems.
  • Visual Inspection- Doing a visual inspection at regular interval reduces the risk factor, as the defects can be easily traced.
  • Calling the experts- Some damages need expert attention. In such cases, you need to contact a professional warehouse racking inspection company. They have competent staff and trained professionals to carry out a detailed inspection at your place.


A warehouse is prone to different kinds of damages caused due to environmental and working conditions. To overcome these problems, it is essential to regularly do the warehouse racking inspection. It ensures that you are not putting your valuable employees at risk of getting hurt. Ignoring the racking inspection can result in some serious damages as well. So, getting in professional help is always a good move.


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